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Brown, Earl Assistant Principal
Sirmans, James Principal

Alexander, Christopher 8th Grade Language Arts
Anderson, Evelyn Social Studies 6th Grade
Anderson, Sandra Math 6th Team 1
Benoit, Margie Reading Support
Brown, Earl Assistant Principal
Brown, Pam 6th Grade Earth Science
Bryant, Gidjet TLC Teacher
Bryant, Kim CIS Site Coordinator
Bynum, Shannon 7th Grade Life Science Team 2
Calhoun, Katy Social Studies 6th Team 1
Campbell, Katrina Math Support
Clemons, Trista Special Education 8th
Coleman, Jane 8th Grade Math
Coleman, Susanna Science 8th
Cook, Dee Ann Language Arts Instructional Coach
Cox, Dedra 8th Grade Special Education Paraprofessional
Dale, Curtis ESOL
Denison, Michelle 6-8 grade Band, 7th and 8th grade Music Appreciation, Sponsor for BHMS Needle Crafts Club
Dix, Brenda Special Education 7th
Eady, Angela 8th Grade Special Education Paraprofessional
Garber, Robert Engineering & Technology
Gay, Dennis Agriculture Educator
Gay, Lynn Science 7th Team 1
Hamlin, Debbie Chorus and Journalism
Hardin, Jeremy Special Education 7th
Harrelson, Misty 6th Grade Math
Hogan, Lisa ESOL
Howell, Stephanie Math 6th Team 2
Hughes, Thomas Special Education
Hulett, Mary Language Arts 7th
Hutchinson, John-Derik 7th Grade Math
Ivey, Elaine GA History 8th
Jordan, L'Vita Math 8th
Kelly, Jonathan 6th and 7th Band
Kimbrell, Christy Language Arts 7th Team 1
King, Darline Instructional Coach Special Ed
Lovett, Kathy Counselor
Lynch, Jesse Weightlifting/PE
Massee, Connie Language Arts 7th Team 2
Mathis, Dana Language Arts/6th Team 2
McDonald, Terry 7th Grade, Social Studies
Menge, Nicole Computer Science
Mitchell, Laquisha TLC Paraprofessional
Oliver, Will ISS
Pereira, Tessie Instructional Coach
Reynolds, Sammy Physical Education
Riehle, Michelle Language Arts 8th
Robitzsch, Christina Special Education
Seawright, Porchia Language Arts 6th Team 1
Smith, Rose Physical Education
Sutton, Sonya Special Ed 6th grade
Vaughn, Katrina Physical Science 8th
Veal, Deanne Media Specialist
Walker, Savannah 7th Grade, Science
Webb, Rhonda SID/PID/MOID
Wessel, Dee Vision Specialist
Williams, Yoshi Science Teacher-8th
Wilson, Debbie Counselor
Young, Anita Reading and Math Support

Bistricky, Nathalie Media Center Assistant
Cox, Dedra 8th Grade Special Education Paraprofessional
Eady, Angela 8th Grade Special Education Paraprofessional
Hall, Cindy Receptionist
Hancock, Bonnie Administrative Assistant
Hannah, Melody Guidance Receptionist
Ingram, Melanie 6th Grade Special Education Paraprofessional
Jackson, Brittany 6th Grade Special Education Paraprofessional
Mitchell, Laquisha TLC Paraprofessional
Ross, Amanda Physical Education Paraprofessional
Scott, Omie ISS Paraprofessional
Smith, Cody Special Education Paraprofessional
Smith, Kennisha 7th Grade Special Ed. Paraprofessional
Stephens, Janis Registrar/Data
Stokes, Dawn Paraprofessional
Walker, Roxanne Paraprofessional
Watson, Shirley Physical Education Paraprofessional

Griffin, Jean Nurse