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Accelerated Reader Requirements and Rewards 2016-2017
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Thursday, September 08, 2016
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Acclerated Reader Requirements

  •  Students should read books carefully before they take an AR quiz. 


  • Students should take tests on or above their level range.  Tests may be taken above your level as long as you are passing the tests.  English Language Arts teachers have given each student their own individual level (this should be written in their agenda) as well as their goal they have to obtain by the end of each quarter.


  • AR Dates are as follows:  1st Quarter(August 18-October 6), 2nd Quarter(October 12-December 15), 3rd Quarter(January 4-March 8), 4th Quarter(March 13-May 18) *These dates are tentative.  Students will need to have 100% of their goal by the end of each quarter to participate in the AR party/celebration.



  •  Homeroom classes will compete to see which homeroom can meet 100% of their goal first!  This homeroom will be rewarded at the end of the quarter.  Homebase teachers will track and monitor student points and encourage reading.


  • Goals are going to be cut in half for the first 9 weeks because of our late start. Students who meet their goal will be invited to spend the last hour of school on October 7th out at the track field for a Celebration. We will have music over the loud speaker and footballs and soccer balls for them to play with. They can have their devices and just "CHILL" with their friends for an hour. We will sell slushies, and they will be given a raffle ticket for making their goal. We will draw tickets for prizes like sonic cards. We would love to have 100% of our students at the PARTY!!!


  • The Million Word Challenge is another compeition students will participate in.  As students reach 1 million words, their name and picture will be displayed in our school rotunda as being part of the Millionaire Club.  At the end of the year these students will be given a gift card to Barnes and Noble and taken to  Barnes and Noble as a group to spend their gift cards on books for the summer. The gift card will have different amounts of money depending on which Million the student reaches. Please encourage your students to accept the CHALLENGE!!!


**** You can check your child's AR progress through the AR Home Connect websiteThe link for this site is found on the right side of our BHMS webpage.  The login information for Home Connect is the same as your child's regular AR login username and password.  Contact Mrs. Deanne Winston, our Media Specialist, if you are having trouble with your account.

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